Purpose and Objectives

The Criminology Museum's mission is to record the crime history in the area of Greece, during the 19th and the 20th century, through the collection, classification, annotation, exposition and publication of criminal activity evidence, which were used in the past for inflicting violence.

The Criminology Museum's purpose is to support the educational task of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens in undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as the broader support of the scientific research in the relevant fields. Furthermore, the main idea behind the Museum's activities is the transmission of academic knowledge to the wider university community, as well as its diffusion to the whole society. 

The recording and the exposition of crime history, as exceptional material related to education, research and information in general, are of great importance, since they relate directly to fields such as Criminology, Forensic Medicine, Toxicology, Forensic Anthropology and the Branches of Sociology.

The belief in open access to the Museum's collections led to the development of the present website. Moreover, the access to the Museum's databases through the internet is an option not only for the scientific community, but also for any citizen interested.